Your company is close to the market. And Proitera is close to people.

The competitive pressure is great and can only be tackled with healthy, motivated employees. Proitera knows the social challenges an ambitious company has to master. We work on the heart of your company, on the attitude of your employees, i.e. on the basis of your success.

We can provide advice on the following issues:

  • Unacceptable error rate of Ms. X.
  • Frequent absence of Mr. Y.
  • Performance fluctuations of Mr. V. and Ms. Z.
  • Presenteeism of Mr. A.
  • Integration of expatriate Mr. B.
  • Coping with stress of Mr. C.

The following examples show: Occupational social consultancy solves problems, promotes efficiency and facilitates the re-entry into the working world. In short, it pays off for everyone involved.