Counselling for employees is a segment/section of the occupational social consultancy

Occupational social consultancy always revolves around the people behind the manpower a company invests in. Man, however, is not a machine. With occupational social consultancy, we help develop the employees’ potential, for the benefit of the company and the employees themselves.

Counselling for employees covers a sub-area, a segment of occupational social consultancy. Counselling for employees is available in two offers with different concepts:

  • 1. Selected counselling
  • 2. Lean counselling

1. Selected counselling
The company decides which topics should be covered by Proitera and selects a package. All employees thus have the opportunity to visit Proitera on a selective basis. We accompany you during the whole process.

The packages:

  • conflicts at work and dealing with traumatic events (e.g. assault in the workplace, occupational accidents, death
  • burnout and health matters
  • private matters (e.g. separation, divorce, parental counselling, elder care)
  • commissioned work (with written authorisation)
  • case management for chronically ill employees

The offer:

  • Proitera will be used as a point of contact
  • 1 presentation to be made in front of all employees
  • hotline for assignment to freelance consultant
  • limited thematic counselling
  • comprehensive, not selective, counselling –
  • no emergency service
  • no reporting, but-briefing possible

2. Lean counselling
All employees have the opportunity to seek counselling each year. If not enough can be covered in a conversation is, it will be forwarded to external specialist departments.

Range of topics:

  • private matters
  • conflicts at work
  • financial problems
  • health matters
  • addiction

The offer:

  • 1 presentation to be made in front of all employees
  • hotline for assignment to freelance consultant
  • on basic interview
  • no emergency service is eliminate
  • no reporting

Thank you so much for the productive hours - I feel that I can learn more about myself in a very short time and come to clearer insights than ever before.

Cadet employee in the service sector