Proitera takes an independent position as an ombudsman and works towards a friendly solution

As an ombudsman, Proitera is an independent external contact point for your employees in the event of any kind of abuse. We work on a partisan basis and are under secrecy. As an external trusted person, we enjoy the necessary credibility and independence. These are prerequisites for being able to address shortcomings at an early stage.

What we do

  • We mediate conflicts and disputes between parties.
  • We organise and accompany debates
  • We look for constructive solutions together with you
  • We make recommendations

The ombudsman is available to all employees for complaints and suspicions. Our consultants are directly accessible and usually known to employees from personal presentations, social media channels or flyers.

What is whistleblowing?

A whistleblower is a person who exposes shortcomings in the workplace. Shortcomings exist if legal provisions are violated.

Proitera remains ombudsman

Employees who detect a shortcoming report this to Proitera. They receive consultation within 7 days. To make a concern public is not our philosophy. We are looking for amicable solutions to restore peace of mind and keep the workplace open for employees. We want to eliminate undesirable developments with care and professionalism.

Our mission is not to turn over problems that may not be an issue. Also, we do not aim at bringing variety in the operation. Whatever we do is designed for maximum value to your business. Read here how our work pays off for you. Your Benefits