Organisational development and coaching often make changes possible

Organisational development examines the structures and processes of entire companies or individual units. Our organisational experts point out which structural measures can encourage and accelerate change processes. The decisive factor is that employees perceive the changes as a chance and a turn for the better.

Why organisational development?

  • Personal bias in the problem situation prevents a constructive change
  • Acceptance and willingness to learn are greater when innovations are accompanied by external specialists
  • Expert knowledge complements and enriches your organisational knowledge and represents added value
  • Organisational counsellors bring their field experience with them and provide it tailored to your needs

Possible starting position – an example

An employee satisfaction survey shows their dissatisfaction. This raises great hope among the employees: Hope for concrete improvements and a rebuke for a fallible superior. A detailed analysis shows that although the dissatisfaction is directed against the superiors, they have limited ability to improve the situation within the given structures, requirements and financial resources. Nevertheless, the next survey must show an improvement.

Professional organisation development has a system

  • It considers economic and social requirements equally
  • It defines tasks, goals and structures according to the personal situation
  • It improves the efficiency of the operation without reducing the quality of work




Leadership coaching/executive coaching - Because the executive position alone does not guaraantee competence

The coaching is aimed at executives and employees with management responsibility. At the centre is the (self-)critical examination of one's own leadership skills.

Coaching training

Training does not mean theorising, but working on actual cases

Personal action concepts are included in the training plan – always with reference to specific tasks from everyday work. Another goal is to strengthen self-confidence through trained behaviour and make people able to handle difficult tasks. Such coaching experiences can often break down mental barriers and trigger a significant development in professional as well as private life.

Coaches help find solutions on their own: They provide the tools for targeted situation analyses and a success-oriented implementation of solution strategies for executives:

  • Support for concrete (change) projects
  • Individual coaching (reflecting and optimising leadership skills)
  • Professional and topic-related consultations

Case study of a coaching training

When success leads to distance

Due to positive feedback from her colleagues, Ms. B. felt encouraged to apply for a new job in the company and succeeded. She has been appointed team leader in the same department. But since she has held this position, her former colleagues have distanced themselves from her. Success can create new problems and affect the general mood. People who want to improve constantly are usually the most successful ones, although they also move away from other team members. In personal coaching, Ms. B. became aware of this situation and learned to handle it.

I would like to thank you again for your advice in September. I know, it was only an hour, but it gave me a strong feeling of security.


Team development and events

Competent team development with team building professionals

Goal-oriented … this is how employees and supervisors go about their daily work. But when they look ahead, they can only see a blurred path. With Prot wecan see all he stepps whichlefd to the success We bring the knowledge potential, which is in every intermediate step, back to consciousness within a protected framework??, be it in the internal team development work or with exciting outdoor events away from everyday life.

Team development sheds new light on work routines and opens the mind to new ideas and attitudes.
Carried out individually or as a recurring measure, team development and outdoor events bring decisive decisions ideas insights for sustainable improvements in everyday working life.

  • Consultation and accompaniment of groups and teams
  • Workshops on company-specific topics
  • Design retreats
  • Outdoor countryside events
  • We do problem analyses
  • We accompany change processes
  • We develop future strategies with you
  • Role clarifications
  • Develop feedback and conflict-resolution culture
  • Efficiency increases - collaboration improves
  • Processes are optimised - more open communication, higher tolerance to new decisions
  • Good image - taboos are broken and can be openly discussed
  • Better working environment - better-motivated workers