What we do

So that the human resources retain a competitive advantage.

Occupational social consultancy, also known as EAP, gives human resources a competitive advantage. We support the social challenges that lie behind the operational challenges of human resources managers.

Proitera always keeps an eye on both aspects - the social and the operational. Occupational social consultancy accelerates the process of finding solutions, promotes the efficiency of the employees and/or facilitates the re-entry into the working world.

If you prefer to use practical examples ...

Our use of real-life case studies, will help the many interested parties to grasp Proitera’s range of services. On our Case studies page, we show an example of how we solve tensions and conflicts and uncover potentials: goal-oriented and individual.

Case studies

A competent team in all parts of the country. Facts & figures:


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Employees have access

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24-hour emergency telephone service

In case of emergency, outside of office hours, an on-call service is available. Your employees will be directly connected to one of Proitera's consultants.

On our blog, we publish studies and technical contributions.

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