So that the human resources retain a competitive edge.

Proitera advises employees, as well as their supervisors and entire companies. Many companies define themselves as progressive employers, but are often unprepared and unable to cope with exceptional situations or interpersonal conflicts. That is where we come in:

  • We are familiar with the issue of bullying, know the definitions and have a lot of experience in mediating between parties
  • g. we are a low-threshold point of contact for the first signs of exhaustion
  • g. we know the legal steps involved in separation and divorce, and we fairly support the child care between father and mother
  • g. we know how wage advances and debt collection can be prevented
  • g. we help employees cope with their addiction problem
  • g. we have the expertise to bring about constructive and quick decisions in case management with insurance companies

Occupational social consultancy has the right means to tackle problems professionally in difficult situations. Before work suffers because of personal problems and the work problems the reflect back on the personal ones.  Our strength is that we work together with those affected before crises arise. So that the performance in the workplace is maintained.

Represented by 24 regional offices throughout Switzerland.

Proitera is wherever you are: with 24 regional offices throughout Switzerland. That is why our social workers are familiar with the legal framework, authorities and practices on the spot.

Continuity is an important factor in occupational social consultancy. That is also the case for professional competence, e.g. in sensitive issues such as debt collection, divorces, case management. The fact that a lot of matters in Switzerland are regulated at the cantonal level does not make things easier.

Our network of regional locations ensures both: Proitera accompaniment in all parts of the country and quality down to the last detail. That makes us quick in answering, reliable in counselling and as flexible as you and your company hope for. Today’s Proitera emerged from the commitment of Katja Müggler, the former Manager. In 1999, she founded the “Itera Katja Müggler”. Under this name, a new perspective found its way into the HR departments of companies.

In the 1990s, the benefits of a professional, external social counselling were hardly known. Today, a contact person and a wide range of counselling services are seen as an opportunity for every human resource management – both for large corporations and for SMEs.

“Itera Katja Müggler” became “Proitera”

Eight years later Proitera GmbH continued the commitment of «Itera Katja Müggler». Under her leadership, a nationwide team of social workers developed with a total of 25 regional locations and a sophisticated, comprehensive range of counselling services.

As of January 1 2019 Katja Müggler Proitera GmbH was successfully handed over to the new owner and managing director Jelena Nikles.

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Occupational social consultancy is too important to be affordable only for large corporations.


Occupational social consultancy is also possible in SMEs

Whether large corporations or SMEs: Our vision is that all companies benefit from the occupational social consultancy. Proitera GmbH provides this service as an external partner tailored to different budgets. Owners and supervisors can be confident that Proitera fits in with their business. We are committed to ensuring that private problems do not make the workplace a hotbed of trouble. Concerned people come to Proitera because they value the experience and professionalism with which we approach problems. Superiors send their employees to us because countless cases make us so efficient. Both needs must not contradict each other: The need of people for an unencumbered workday on the one hand and the need of companies for an efficient, cost-conscious counselling service on the other. With a vision for in-house processes and structures as well as the know-how of our consultants, we take on this challenge. To the satisfaction of our customers since 1999. And in line with recognised mission statements for the occupational social consultancy of AvenirSocial and BBS e.V.